About Us

We build long-term relationships with our clients.

Pacific Group Wealth Management is a leading investment advisory firm, providing financial planning and wealth management services to our clients. Our focus is on building long-term relationships, allowing us to identify and help our clients achieve their financial and retirement goals.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to create advanced financial strategies. Whether investment, retirement or insurance planning, we work closely with clients to match them with the appropriate financial services and products. Our solutions create financial security and peace of mind throughout each stage of life.

We work with individuals, families and business owners that value our pragmatic and long-term planning approach.

Our Business Commitments:

  • Initiate and facilitate momentum
  • Transparently adhere to defined parameters
  • Deliver opinions that foster confident action
  • Study current concepts to broaden perspective
  • Provide leadership that ignites positive change
  • Support growth (in our network)

Our Business Philosophies:

  • Action is the result of clear decisions
  • All types of energy are reciprocated
  • Happiness and success are necessary to bring happiness and success
  • Somehow, someway, everything always works out
  •  Fortune favors the brave

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Insurance products are offered through PPI Management Inc., a national licensed insurance marketing organization that supports independent advisors with their business, and through multiple insurance companies.

Pacific Group Wealth Management is a personal trade name of Mikel Schmidt and Kiefer West.