“We knew Darren before he became an investment advisor and have always thought of him as an intelligent, confident, well-mannered young man. When we decided to make a change, Darren was our first choice. Darren is always fully aware of our portfolio. He listens to our questions, remembers our conversations and is well researched with his recommendations. His attention to detail, professionalism and communication are his great assets along with his knowledgeable advice. We are completely satisfied and would highly recommend Darren.”

Shirley & Vic P.

“My wife and I were looking for a financial advisor as part of our retirement planning and we were referred to Darren by my mother-in-law. We appreciated the way that Darren had managed her portfolio for many years. After meeting with Darren we were very impressed with his ability to help us see the whole picture and recommend the best options for our retirement funds. He also went over my dad’s portfolio and gave some great advice for estate planning. My dad is now also a client of Darren’s. Darren cares about our finances and always considers our family’s needs. He keeps us informed and will even visit my dad at his home to go over his accounts. Darren’s team is top notch and is always there to help us. If there was was a star rating, Darren and his team would get 5 out of 5 stars.”

Glenn & Sherry G.

“Darren has been the investment advisor for my wife and I for more than 15 years. He has been with us through the ups and downs of life and into retirement. This is a man of integrity. He is very knowledgeable and we have absolute trust in him to manage our finances. In fact, we consider Darren a friend as well as an excellent advisor. Over the years we have recommended him to several family members. He and the professional front-office staff have always made us feel welcome and comfortable. Darren has always been very accessible unlike some of the advisors we have had previously. In short, this is a first-class business along with the staff and we feel very fortunate to have them as our investment advisors.”

Chris & Barb M.

“Over the years we have dealt with various financial advisors from two major banks and to put it bluntly, we have been repeatedly disappointed.  While they are more than willing to take your business and put your money into their preferred funds, there were never any predictions or suggestions that would save us in the event of a downturn in the market.  On two occasions this lack of support and advice resulted in a significant loss of our capital. 


We have been Darren’s clients for almost 11 years.  Our relationship began when he offered us an RRSP option that we couldn’t find anywhere else.  As we worked together, the trust between Darren, myself and my wife grew, and we eventually transferred most of our investments to his care. 


Darren has guided and advised us in an informed, open and friendly manner as we prepared for and entered the retirement phase.  His guidance has built and maintained our capital, giving us the confidence to enjoy our retirement without financial worries.  

I have and would recommend Darren again as a financial advisor to friends and family.  

I should note that this recommendation applies to his staff as well.  They are always friendly and helpful whenever needed, it is a joy to work with them.”

Trevor & Barb D.

“Kiefer has been the advisor for my RRSP investments for approximately 4 years and I feel fortunate to have someone who has my interests at heart.  I know that he would not hesitate to give the best advice for my situation regardless of the consequences for him.  He is knowledgeable and has been very patient and helpful in explaining the fund contract that I have in place (more than once).  He has also been accessible when I need him.  I would not hesitate to recommend him as an advisor.

Linda G.

“I’ve been Mike’s client for about four years. He helped us consolidate accounts and plans, save fees, and grow our portfolio significantly through his hard work and providing access to great research and information. We feel confident in our future with Mike!

Paul M.

“I originally sought out Mikel for advice on an investment I had with another company. Mikel took the time to meet with me and explain in detail what was going on with the investment in terms that I could understand. During this meeting, it became clear to me that Mikel is passionate about what he does and really cares for the clients he serves. 

I now utilize Mikel’s services for all my business and personal finances and insurance. Mikel is professional and extremely knowledgeable in the industry but most importantly, he is extremely personable and takes the time to ensure that all of his clients’ needs are satisfied. I highly recommend Mikel and Pacific Group Wealth Management.

Michael K.

“Kiefer West has been our financial advisor for several years, and he has given us complete confidence that we are in good hands. My wife and I are both now retired on fixed pensions, and he has gone well beyond investment advice to help implement a complete financial strategy that will see us comfortably through our Golden Years. Our meetings with Kiefer are friendly and unrushed. He listens carefully, considers our input thoughtfully, and answers our questions and concerns forthrightly, knowledgably and honestly. Furthermore, he is a genuinely nice guy and we greatly enjoy our time with him. Above all, Kiefer has clearly demonstrated that it is our best interests that are uppermost in his mind. We have happily recommended him to friends and family in the past and will continue to do so.

Stephen & Linda L.

“We’ve been working with Darren for the past 13 years. He has proven himself hard working, communicative, competent and most importantly, he makes us money! We wish him every success.”

Andy & Margie G.